Memorial bench to Duncan now in place

LAST October, between 300-400 of you, friends of Duncan Sharp, gathered for his funeral and gave him the finest send off imaginable.

But you didn’t stop there, you raised the money required for a memorial bench to be placed in Brede High Woods in his memory surrounded by an acre of this, his favourite woodland, dedicated to his permanent memory.

All is finally in place and the plaque on the bench reads; Listen you can still hear his voice in the trees and his laughter in the wind.

His ashes are scattered here too.

Brede High Woods are owned by the charity Woodland Trust (the only organisation Duncan belonged to because it meant so much to him) and you can find this 500 acre site on the main B2089 between Cripps Corner and Brede Cross roads.

I have left some maps of the actual site of the bench on the information board in the main car-park and also at the Plough Pub in Udimore.

Duncan always said that ‘his friends were his real family’ and you have all proved that with the tributes you have paid him and the kindness and support you have given me.

For that I can only simply say a huge thank you to each and every one of you.

Stella Douglas (Duncans sister)

Parkwood Road, Hastings.