Memories of the hunt on bikes

It was lovely to see the picture of the hunt in the Battle Observer recently. A great East Sussex tradition, what better place is there to be than Battle, East Sussex?

When I use to live in Penhurst, they would quite often bring the Hunt down Penhurst Lane. We use to have an Old English Sheep dog, they would drown her. Sometimes they would come on their horses but a lot of the time they would be on bikes.

We have some French friends, they took us on a hunt where they live in Verneuil while we were stopping with them. It was different to the Battle Hunt, they did not have horses but were on foot. Luckily, dad had his white jumper on. We all went back to a lodge, in the French countryside after the Hunt.

When I was sometimes walking over the surrounding fields in Penhurst and Ashburnham.People would be out shooting pheasants. There was a large compound on the Ashburham Estate in one of the fields near to where we use to live in Penhurst. Where they use to keep the pheasants there were many deer as well.

East Sussex, what a great place to be, Summer or Winter.

The best place in the world, it is always good to visit other places but there is no place like East Sussex.

Take it from me, East Sussex - the best place in the world.

Johnnie Elliott