MEP fights broadband red-tape

PLANS to upgrade broadband speeds across East Sussex must not be delayed any further. European red tape must not stand in the way of super-fast broadband being provided across East Sussex and the South East. In a letter sent to the EU Commission’s vice-president Joaquin Alumnia I am seeking assurances that there are no further delays in the plans of East Sussex County Council or Broadband Delivery UK, to upgrade broadband speeds.

I have expressed my own concerns that businesses in my constituency and rural communities are being adversely affected by the delay; super-fast broadband will allow SME’s and rural communities to function and compete against businesses for investment and win new trade.

I am extremely annoyed EU red tape has delayed and has blocked essential improvements in telecommunications and internet speeds in East Sussex and across the South-East. I am seeking an immediate remedy here by Commissioner Alumnia and a clear explanation as to why this delay has taken place.

I would appreciate reader’s views on this issue and how they are being affected by slow internet speeds particularly in East Sussex please email

Richard Ashworth

Conservative MEP for
the South East

Leader of the Conservative delegation in the European Parliament