MEP is correct: fishing problems are not EU’s fault

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SHARON Bowles (Lib-Dem MEP) is absolutely right: ‘The EU Common Fisheries Policy is not the problem - the problem lies with our government’. (Rye Observer 4/5/12). Before the few Lib-Dem supporters suffer apoplexy at my turncoat support for their ‘blameless’ EU, let me explain!

Forty years of rubber-stamping 3,000 EU laws p/a, proves our UK Euro-County Council at Westminster is subservient to the EU through indirectly elected party appointees (MEPs) who follow EU Political Grouping policies.

As Sharon eludes, the problem truly lies with her supranational EU government.

The ‘EEC Six’ wrote the rules to which Ted Heath eagerly surrendered Britain’s sovereignty with a dowry surrendering our territorial waters and fish ‘as a common resource’, now shared by 28 states.

Ted was a sailor, yet hundreds of British fishermen willingly grabbed EEC grants to scupper their fleets, or sold their quotas to the Spanish to whom the EU gave brand new boats (costing British tax-payers £100m) to plunder the North Sea and West African fishing grounds.

On this basis, the EU sets Britain’s fishing limits, quotas and permitted ruinous discards.

We mustn’t blame the EU for sticking to their own misguided rules. Indeed their EU Court of ‘Justice’ demands it!

When Margaret Thatcher gallantly tried to save our fishing limits, grounds and fleets in 1988, the Court of ‘Justice’ fined Britain for breaking EU rules - deservedly so. We tax-payers dutifully compensated the Spanish fishermen another £80m. ‘Justice’ indeed!

As with CAP, there are too many vested political interests to allow any CFP reform, so after 30 years of failed CFP, it’s SNAFU - again! But there is a lawful EU solution: ‘Subsidiarity’…We simply leave the EU - and restore and manage our territorial waters and fishing grounds under international law, just like Norway!

But our MPs must restore our Navy and now work for their living, running our country under our democratic laws and electorate’s wishes.

No wonder Labour, Tory and especially Lib-Dems leaders have scuppered every demand for a referendum on our EU government, and that the only winner in Thursday’s elections was The Apathy Party!

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley