Minister must take climate action

WE ARE writing to call on Greg Barker, our local MP, to reflect the voices of hundreds of his constituents as he leads debate on a new Government Bill in Parliament.

Local people have backed a petition expressing their concern that the Government’s Energy Bill is too weak to deliver the energy savings in homes and communities needed to cut rising fuel bills and dangerous climate changing emissions.

Mr Barker has a crucial role in shaping the legislation as Climate Change and Energy Minister.

He has already listened to constituents and nationwide calls for improvements to the Bill – for which we congratulate him.

However, we need him to go further. In particular:

· Give councils the independent advice they need to tackle climate change, and ensure every council has a plan to help communities go green.

· Protect tenants from living in cold, energy-leaking rented homes by 2016, and strengthen energy efficiency standards over time.

· Ensure that Government has a plan for every home to be insulated.

These measures would support local efforts by Rother District Council to tackle fuel poverty and would help to create green jobs across the district.

Greg Barker made clear his commitment to these issues at a recent public meeting in Battle.

Now we’re asking him to ensure the Government’s Energy Bill delivers the legacy of decent standard homes and effective council action on climate change needed.

Brenda Pollack

Friends of the Earth

Barbara Echlin

Christian Ecology Link and Operation Noah

Christina Lucey


Denis Lucey


Christopher Strangeways

Rother Environmental Group

Wendy Gubby

Christian Aid

Allan Bula

Bexhill and Hastings United Nations Association