Misinformed and dangerous

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Alfred McKenney, High Street, Winchelsea

Sadly there appears to be a fad amongst some to declare global warming, or climate change, a ‘hoax’, or even more perniciously, the fact of warming is accepted but purely natural phenomenon are blamed, and – rest easy, panic mongers! – we humans are in no way responsible, and there is nothing we can, or should, do in response. Party on!

I respectfully suggest that those like Trump and the letter-writer featured seemingly each and every week in your letters page feel that their denial marks them out as fearless, independent thinkers not to be cowed by the overwhelming scientific consensus and the increasingly unavoidable circumstantial evidence.

No it doesn’t. It marks them out as wilfully misinformed and, indeed, dangerous to the extent that they influence and legitimise such notions.

Even if those of us who accept the majority scientific argument are shown in future to be wrong in some respect there is nothing but benefit in seeking to ensure that the world’s resources are exploited more respectfully and efficiently than has so far been the case.

Global warming is, nuclear war aside, the really major looming global crisis. It is no service to humanity to deny otherwise.