More car parks for our great town

I visited Battle High Street today,with some elderly friends from Greenwich. There were three Lanes of traffic in the High Street.

Correct, three lanes of traffic.

One lane was parked cars. Parked cars on double yellow lines,as well as parking in the High Street.

Where are the traffic wardens,or have they been cut out in the local government cut backs.

Surely a local Rother District Councillor could put forward a bill to put down some double yellow lines throughout the High Street.

Apart from deliveries to local shops this could be done in the morning by lorry.

Wait ‘till the coach loads of tourists come, day trippers, our European brothers & sisters from the EU.

I wonder what they must think visiting such a lovely Sussex town filled with cars, vans, lorries all parked along the road.

I must say a big thanks to Rother though, what a good idea, putting double yellow lines along one side of Caldbec Hill.

Still the clowns park along the other side. A lot of them work in the High Street, why should they pay to park in the town when they are helping this great town called Battle to survive.

I know this is a lovely place to live and work perhaps someone could suggest more car parks.

Even ban cars from the High Street completely. Use Public Transport, they are in London.

Can you imagine no cars in the High Street.

Johnnie Elliott

Caldbec Hill