More needed to protect Arch

IN the July 8 issue of the Observer, Kim Ross, head of amenities at RDC is quoted as saying “there are also issues with pigeon and seagull damage and excrement”.

In the July 22 issue of the Observer, Rye councillor Bernadine Fiddimore is quoted as saying “carcasses of dozens of birds hanging in netting over the roof space”.

I would be interested to know how long it takes for a carcass to decay, when did Kim Ross visit the Landgate, and how many horrified people risked climbing up into the tower in order to be shocked?

Certainly Kim Ross didn’t, as she did not mention carcases. It seems also that no-one from RDC has been to the Tower, or if someone has been they did not think it worth mentioning the dozens of carcases to their boss.

I noticed that Bexhill were allocated £37 million by ESCC whilst the rest of the East Sussex area was allocated in the region of £24 million. Could not the Head of Amenities have scrounged a small piece of the extra £13 million Bexhill got in order to preserve one of the few remaining ancient pieces of Old England which is visited by thousands every year?

Peter Marsh, Udimore Road, Rye.