More power to the green bin rebels

MORE power to the green bin rebels in Rye and Battle. Yes, principles are important.

As Carl Maynard points out ‘We need to take into account Rother’s financial position’.

Let us remember Rother chose to freeze our council tax and accept the government handout, and they chose to regenerate the Western Parade in Bexhill.

Now the decision by the cabinet to overturn a decision made by the scrutiny committee, and investigate all possibilities for funding improvements to the East Parade, has caused one Conservative Bexhill councillor to announce she is to become an Independent.

Cllr Deirdre Williams is unhappy that under the present leadership of Carl Maynard every decision has to be unanimous, and that she had been persuaded to vote against her conscience.

Is there a possibility Rye and Battle may find themselves funding another seafront scheme which they possibly want as little as we do?

Find out who your cabinet members are and ask them why they overturned the decision made by the scrutiny committee, or you may find you are paying for more than green bins!

Carole Woodland

Cooden Drive