More vital things than roundabouts

As a Fairlight resident I am amazed to witness the continued debate about landscaping the Circle roundabout, lately highlighted in last week’s Village News.

Those touting this issue wonder why they have only had three responses thus far. Well, I can tell them in a world faced with aarthquakes, tsunamis, civil revolution, financial crisis the fact is that no-one really cares. For heaven’s sake, it’s a roundabout, not the hanging gardens of Babylon!!

Far more amazing was the fact that the Police have donated £500 towards its repatriation. Surely, in this day and age Sussex police have something better to do with £500 rather than fuel this non-issue.

Perhaps, utilising some of this money to ensure a decent policing policy in Rother and expanding the use of a Police Station that opens less hours than Budgen’s would be more useful. If you really want to landscape the roundabout, buy a bag of grass seed.

Steve Eades