Move the arch to Bexhill

The fate of Rye’s historic Landgate Arch can be easily resolved by the simple procedure of moving it lock, stock and barrel to a location within the boundary of Bexhill, where finance is plentiful.

No figure has been mentioned for the cost of restoration of the arch, but if it was let’s say about £500,000 that would be small beer to Rother District Council which is currently considering whether to spend £16 million or probably more, on a new Bexhill Leisure Centre. Of that £16 million more than £8 million of it they don’t have, but propose to raise money by applying for grants, also from a new extortionate housing tax called a Community Infrastructure Levy (if agreed by the same RDC - well they will won’t they), and borrowing.

The population of this country is struggling to finance a huge national debt. They may also have personal debt or reduced income through no fault of their own, the last thing that we need is for RDC to borrow large amounts of money which, with the additional interest charges, has to be paid back by those same people who are trying to keep their own expenditure within manageable proportions.

The District and County Councils are forever bleating that the Government has reduced the grants which they previously enjoyed, and spent with reckless abandon. Now the time has come when RDC should demonstrate some common sense and good financial management by spending what little money there is available in maintaining that which we have, rather than more grandiose plans for even greater expenditure, especially in Bexhill, to the detriment of the rest of the District.

The elections to be held on the 7th May next year will give every voter the opportunity to express their preference for candidates who are prepared to rein in the extravagances of Rother District Council. Use your vote wisely.

Rod Came

Crown Cottage, Brede