MPs should have some backbone

I AM writing to you regarding the closure of fire stations and I want to let you know that I disagree with the borough Conservative party campaign to support the option 2B.

This is the wrong option. Listen to the professionals - the firefighters who know what is best for Sussex.

It would be criminal to take away the permanent protection for the rural areas and rely on retained men.

I am not criticising their competence, only their immediate deployment.

A better course of action for the local Conservative party and Ms Amber Rudd would be to lobby their Government for more funds so that there was no deficit and no need for closures.

Councillors and members are voted in to represent local interests, and to disband fire stations and put property at risk is not in the interest of local residents.

So I urge those members to have some back bone, stop being lapdogs and stand up to their bosses at Westminster.

Michael Cole

The Street