My memories of great ‘87 storm

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Johnnie Elliott, Caldbec Hill, Battle

I used to live in Penhurst. I have a picture of a fallen tree very near to the property where we use to live. This picture shows dad with his chain saw.

There were many trees down right across Penhurst Lane. We were lucky, we had a Rayburn and a couple of log burners. We could keep warm and had plenty of hot water. Dad also had a generator. We had a little bit of electric.

No one could get into or out of Penhurst Lane. There were, some very big trees that had fallen, blocking the lane.

The lane was eventually cleared. We also have some good pictures of the countryside round about.

My brother Dave and myself,walked into Battle, to try and get some essentials. Bread, milk, etc.

There were trees down across the main road as well. Everywhere was quiet.

I remember Ashley Douch was in his parents’ shop. He cut some ham by hand.

Also, I got a few other things as well. I think my mate from school, Scott Reid, was there as well.

I cannot believe it,the storm was so many years ago. I must be getting, quite old myself now.

Penhurst, the best place to live. East Sussex, in a nutshell.