National treasure is sacrificed

In September 2011 David Cameron wrote to the National Trust to reassure the organisation over proposals to shake up the planning system. He expressed determination to protect the UK’s “magnificent countryside”. His letter reads: “Let me say at the outset that I absolutely share and admire your commitment to the countryside, and wholeheartedly agree that policymakers have an enormous responsibility to our environment.

“Both as prime minister, as a rural constituency MP and as an individual, I have always believed that our beautiful British landscape is a national treasure. We should cherish and protect it for everyone’s benefit.”

Today, 10 April , 2013, the unique, magnificent, tranquil environment of Romney Marsh, a true national treasure, has been sacrificed to the airport lobby by the granting by his government of permission for the expansion of Lydd Airport by those who have no concern for the beauty and peace of this British landscape but regard it simply as a point of transit.

The words ‘duplicity’ and ‘hypocrisy’ come to mind.

Elaine Luke

The Close, Fairlight