Need a leader on road safety

I see there is a ‘fresh call for improved safety on North Trade Road’. The call for more double yellow lines may be only a part solution to improving safety for walkers and cyclists on this busy road.

The local community and the authorities need to know and understand how traffic flows through Battle. What percentage is through traffic? What percentage is doing a journey of less than 2 miles? Are people in cars because there is no traffic-free route?

Answers to these questions are relevant to a multi-faceted approach to the safety issue raised. Traffic calming measures have already been introduced but we still have problems. Drivers are frustrated and push vehicles closer to pedestrians and cyclists. A multi-faceted approach is required. Solutions could include car-sharing incentives, creating shared use paths for walkers and cyclists, “walking and cycling buses” for school pupils, reductions in speed limits (20mph limits are being installed elsewhere).

The Battle Schools Greenway proposal by local residents to create a walking and cycling route avoiding North Trade Road, linking 3 schools and Battle pre-school (the same schools that the concerned parent mentions in the petition) should be considered as part of the multi-faceted solution. There is currently a display in Battle Library about Battle Schools Greenway. The Steering Group is asking for your support, so please do contact them and give your support.

1066 cycle club have also worked on a proposal to create more opportunities for safe cycling in the town. This scheme deserves further consideration.

Lastly, how is this going to be taken forward? Are we going to wait for the yellow lines and then find that the traffic just goes faster and we still don’t feel safe to walk or cycle? Which organisation is going to take the lead to push for good solutions customised for Battle? Parents and voluntary groups will participate but we need a leader.

Sue Burton