New builds must be sympathetic

From: Michael Kerr, New Winchelsea Road, Rye

Now, as one approaches Camber Castle from the south, a towering industrial unit acts as a backdrop to the scene dwarfing the one time landmark of the church of St Mary in Rye Harbour. The bulk of this ugly building dominates the skyline and completely spoils the once beautiful views across Castle Water.

To make matters worse, whatever material it has been faced with has reflective qualities that make it blaze like a beacon when the sun is low.

Further along, as one approaches the citadel, at a point just beyond the junction of Rye Harbour Road and New Winchelsea Road, the first close view of the familiar bump which acts to remind us of Rye’s island heritage is substantially wiped out by a new development of tall, narrow town houses.

While new housing and workspace must be welcomed in the area it should not 
be at the expense of historic views.

New development should be cleverly designed to sit sympathetically not only within its own site but also as part of the wider landscape- if it does not, it shouldn’t be permitted.