New cinema in Rye is welcome

It is heartening to see how professionally and in our view satisfactorily the concerns of some as to the proposals for the cinema and related development on the Old Library site on Lion Street have been confronted and dealt with. Along with many others we hope that work can very shortly begin to bring the plans to fruition. I am further heartened having just checked correspondence with the Planning division and seen that support for the project is so overwhelming there should be no doubt whatsoever as to what the planning decision should be by our local councillors!

We believe there is now general awareness that some ‘objections’ were based on misunderstanding. As residents in the affected area we believe that those to do with issues of accessibility and traffic have been properly answered. The roof which some did not like has now been redesigned; we look forward to seeing a 3D model of the new design on 4th February.

Those who thought plans were without provision for a stage/theatre enabling music, plays, puppet shows, Rye Festival events -- all much wanted too -- can now be reassured on two counts: The old Art Room can provide such on this site and the very supportive Rye College is to make complementary provision on its premises so that Rye Festival and other groups will be much better provided for than ever. Shopkeepers feel they will benefit greatly, especially in the winter months -- as do the elderly, among which we number.

Rye’s new Library has been a tremendous success. (It too had its naysayers some of whom have been good enough to apologise and admit they were wrong in face of the evidence in increased use –including their own! -- and general praise.)

We eagerly look forward to the cinema complex not just for ourselves but for the whole of Rye!

Jean and Barry Floyd, Watchbell Street, Rye.