New green psuedo-science can’t supply the answers

MR SANDERSON of Bexhill has answered his own question on water resources: “More people, more demand on our water system, more restrictions”. (Letters 16/6/2012).

The bulk of our drinking water comes from ground reserves replenished over years through prolonged winter rainfall. Yes, we can build more reservoirs - but where do we build them and the new homes for those dispossessed? And we could plant more forests and then watch our precious water reserves evaporate in the summer from both, to turn back into rain...which drops on Scandinavia!

So the problem is not a lack of engineering skills or technology, but a severe lack of brain surgeons to re-program common-sense into our politicians who steadfastly refuse to accept that we are an island of finite resources so must control the exponential rise in our population growth and immigration.

Cllr Bantick asks who could imagine a monsoon here in June? He has not lived here long enough! ‘Flaming’ June is named for good reason as our maritime climate has recorded many torrential rainfalls, floods, even snow, in June!

We have enough weather records to prove that every day’s weather is ‘unprecedented’ since.... (chose year at random)! That is because planet Earth’s structure and climate is ever changing - naturally.

Our continents are but a crust lying on a molten core: America is drifting towards Japan causing the tectonic ‘Ring of fire’ volcanic fault line in the Pacific with its regular earthquakes and tsunamis. But thanks to Mr Blair’s “education, education, education”, the latest psuedo-scientific ruse from eminent scientists is to blame these earthquakes and toxic volcanic emissions on ‘climate change’ - which we are confidently told by our politicians is entirely ‘man-made’.

So, which Roman Orgy and Barbecue Masters caused Vesuvius to erupt and destroy Pompeii; which gang of Rye bloater-smokers caused the 10-years of storms in the 1280s which cunningly diverted the Rother around Rye and then caused the sea to recede? We need an answer!

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley