New houses on Deadmans Lane

Even though this is going ahead, and no-one (it seems) in Rye knew much about this until now?

As someone who has impaired vision, so cannot drive and has to walk up and down Rye Hill to get into Rye, I feel whoever is dealing with this development should be aware how dangerous it is for me and any one else affected by access/disability problems in trying to get past/cross Deadmans Lane each time there is a (continuous) obstruction/s outside/on this development.

I have constant blurred vision so can not define easily. If there are large lorries or vans parked on the corner of Deadmans Lane I can not see to get across the small crossing area to the other side. Especially as (so far) no-one has had the intelligence to offer assistance or put up temporary traffic lights when these obstructions are in place, so people like me to be able to cross the small crossing/pathway, and/also for mums with pushchairs and mobility users.

Residents of Rye Hill and anyone affected by accessibility issues has not been thought of?

Therefore, please now note my great concern/complaint, before an accident or serious fatal accident occurs.

To repeat, for those of us who do not drive or like to walk into Rye, Rye Hill is the only reasonable route into and out of Rye. Therefore these considerations should have been put in place before planning permission was given.

Mrs Christine Ward

Resident of Rye Hill area & local Accessibility Awareness Campaigner