No Labour fishing solution

WELL of course Sarah Owen (Labour PPC) would blame allocation of EU fishing quotas on our Lib-Dem led Conservative government (Rye Observer 22/6/12)!

But I hate to remind Sarah that her Labour government failed to produce any viable solution during their 13 l-o-n-g (yawn!) year tenure.

Indeed, Tony Blair famously surrendered £7bn of Britain’s lawful EU rebate on a promise from France that they would ‘think about’ CAP/CFP reform - which, needless to say, they haven’t!

Nor did Tony, a lawyer, seek restitution of our £7bn for breach of promise! Espèce d’idiot Anglais!

Sarah admits to being an experienced political adviser, a remarkable achievement for one so young, so she clearly knows all the facts. Will she now show her true mettle and business acumen by telling us:

- the percentage of fish the EU permits to be landed by each of the several EU members who fish Britain’s former territorial waters.

- what proportion of our UK quota has been ‘sold’ to other EU members, over whom we have no control, and what was the proportion during Labour’s tenure?

- how would she ‘divvy’ the small UK quota between our major British fleets and our local under-10m fleets, and how many redundancies would follow?

If her proposals are sound, Amber Rudd MP will surely support them in Parliament, which begs the question: why didn’t Messers Blair and Brown?

The answer of course lies in Labour’s naivety and obsession with political ‘spin’ which led to their many failures in office to which they now sheepishly admit: Messers Brown and Balls failed FSA and bank regulations; foolishly baying we must join the Euro; their broken promises on an EU debate and the Lisbon Treaty referendum; leaving the Treasury cupboard bare; and now their ruinous open-door policy on EU immigration. Why trust Labour?

It is time Britain recovered our lawful fishing grounds and parliamentary democracy by leaving the EU.

To that end, Labour will need a good political adviser - any suggestions?

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley