No longer be able to rely on Tory ‘faithful’

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THE good and the necessary things being done by our coalition government to clear up the mess left by the previous Labour administration and to reverse its disastrous policies are being badly undermined by other things it is doing which are, frankly, outrageous.

The government’s decision to cut the pay of those in the Parachute Regiment, men who could be called upon to give their lives for this country, has to be seen against its policy of expending annually millions of pounds of taxpayers money on overseas aid which benefits newly wealthy nations such as India, and others, like Pakistan whose disposition toward this country is, at best, ambiguous.

In pursuing these shameful policies the government is not only treating with contempt those upon whom we rely for protection from external threat but, importantly for David Cameron, it is creating a situation in which he will no longer be able to rely on the support of the Tory “faithful”.

P R Belchamber

Whatlington Road