No pitch-forks at Tilling Green

After reading your headlines in last week’s Rye Observer and its accompanying write up, I fear that your readers might be imagining the folk of Tilling Green at the ready with pitch forks and burning touches’, on the verge of a vigilante stampede…let me assure this is not the case.

I think it is safe to say the majority of residents on Tilling Green have never experienced anti-social behaviour and might be slightly concerned that such elements, anti- social or vigilante live amongst them.

The overriding majority of Tilling Green live their lives peacefully and productively, but for those who are unlucky enough to have their lives blighted by individuals who don’t care how their behaviour affects others, any more than they feel they have any responsibility for the property to which they have been handed the tenancy, this is no laughing matter.

When, as was the situation throughout this spring and summer when some residents had been left feeling that their problems and observations had not been taken seriously enough. Tilling Green Residents Association decided to highlight these concerns by way of meetings and telephone conversations with both Amicus Horizon and Rother District Council. These meetings covered the allocations process, overgrown gardens and anti-social behaviour.

After these meetings a flyer was sent out door to door on Tilling Green. The objective being to encourage residents to keep Amicus informed of problems and potential problems, support and promote the positives as well as advertising our new Friday football club, and was not a reaction to any vigilante threats.

Since these flyers were sent out things have improved and Amicus held a coffee morning at Tilling Green Community Centre which we feel shows that they are committed to tackling problems with anti-social behaviour,

If, as was quoted, in last week’s paper there had been any talk of vigilante type behaviour the question has to be asked ,why and were there any failings that could have led to such threats.

Tilling Green Residents Association have held there Annual General Meeting in which a new chair and committee have been voted in. The new committee want to work with tenents and homeowners so Tilling Green remains a nice place to live.

Dan Lake - New Chair TGRA

Mandy Turner-Vice Chair TGRA