No Superfast Broadband in Battle

I live closer to the main BT exchange than several houses further down my road, yet still despite waiting over 18 months I still cannot get Superfast Broadband when my next door neighbours can.

I operate a busy family with two children and a SME business which turns over £1/2 million P.A from my home. Despite some of my customer’s houses in Europe and Scandinavia it seems we are light years behind the technology they have. I wouldn’t ordinarily mind but most of my children’s homework and extra tuition is done via their school web portals and my business is growing online and I have no way of meeting demand. No doubt before too long I shall have to relocate to another country to get the technology needed for modern day life.

Despite regular marketing from BT to come back my broadband service is currently with Sky. I’d gladly move and pay what I need to however the problem is you don’t offer the service either. How is it my next door neighbour can receive it and my neighbour five houses in the opposite direction can when we all live on the same long main road out of Battle. It’s an absolute joke.

I register interest in SFBB all the time, however its unlikely that anything’s going to happen with my registration as my postcode already has superfast access yet my house doesn’t.

Ian Carter

North Trade Road, Battle