No to parking charges at country park

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Are your readers aware that Hastings Council draft budget proposes car parking charges in Hastings Country Park, including the Firehills at Fairlight?

Country Parks, according to Natural England, are meant to be free. A parking charge is just a back-door way of charging for admission.

I urge your readers to object by writing to Hastings Borough Council, Budget Consultation, Policy and Performance, 2nd Floor Aquila House, Breeds Place, Hastings TN34 3UY before 14 February, or by attending the “Meet the Leader” session at Hastings Town Hall on Saturday 5th February from 10am – 12pm. Hastings Council website also has a link.

It is lamentable that Hastings Council has not put up a single notice at the Firehills car park to warn about this or to tell users of their right to object. No doubt they know the public’s response.

Are your readers also aware that Rother also wishes to introduce charges in its rural car parks, such as Rye Harbour?

Andrew Mier, Shepherds Way, Fairlight.