Nobody is giving up a basic right

From: Andrew Turner, Uckham Lane, Battle

After reading Mr Hardy’s letter which was addressed in particular to all ‘who were born after January 1, 1973’ I felt the need to reply as I fall into that distinguished category.

In response to your question on if my category of age group that voted no knew we was giving up our “basic right” then the answer is simply no. No, because nobody is giving up any basic right. Are you suggesting that Mrs Merkel will be standing behind a gate waving a flag saying ‘strictly no entry’?

I’m looking forward to gaining a basic right on eating a bent banana or crooked carrot which will no longer be deemed unsuitable.

Please refrain from telling my category of age group, or in fact any category of age group, if they knew what they were voting for.

The majority said OUT and that was our basic right.