Not a good place for a supermarket

Think for a moment about the fiasco regarding the proposed supermarket site in Ferry Road.

Surely there cannot be a more ridiculous place to consider a supermarket for? Next to a level crossing, opposite a fire station entrance and, further down the road, a playschool and doctors clinic. Also an established supermarket which will soon be expanding.

Can you image the chaos when the crossing gates are closed and cars are trying to leave the site? The cars are now often backed up to the Strand roundabout and far along Udimore Road/ Added to this the fire engine that wants to get out quickly.

Why then has the old Freda Gardham site been earmarked for housing but a supermarket there is ruled out? They say, apparently, it’s a flood risk.

Rye may need a supermarket but build it in a more suitable place which has the least impact on traffic movements.

J Busbridge

Udimore Road, Rye