Now the truth is out about our hospital

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AT last, is someone daring to be honest about this hospital?

I started having operations by a urologist at the Royal East Sussex Hospital (RESH) in 1987.

My care there from everyone could never be faulted, so ‘Bring Back the RESH!’ I say.

With the opening of Conquest I was in Ashburnham Ward for a time - ugh!

But the outer corridors were like an art gallery, so important when one is very ill - not!

I see from the TV the new Pembury Hospital is greatly in favour of decor. What will their care be like I wonder?

I find patients are just numbers, especially if elderly!

November 1995 saw me at Brighton - a real hospital - for breast cancer.

My care there was excellent and I was out in two days.

On March 19 1998, I had to enter Conquest for one (yes, just one) major urology operation, for which I signed a consent form.

After some days in HDU I was shunted into Gardner Ward, whereupon I learnt two different operations had been carried out, without my written consent!

Various excuses were made. My pain care was never sorted out properly. Hygiene and/or cleanliness on the ward was lacking.

The only kindness I received was from an auxiliary nurse who helped me to a bathroom to wash my hair. Not easy when you’re sprouting tubes from every orifice!

I have always kept a page long daily journal (in shorthand if I have little space).

Amber Rudd MP please tell Darren Grayson, CARE not DECOR.

My surgery knows never to refer me to Conquest nor DGH. It has to be Brighton. I can get there by buses.

Margaret Merifield

Rowbarns, Battle