Observer ‘should of’ spotted the error

ON RECEIVING my copy of the Battle Observer on March 4, I immediately turned to the letters page expecting to see at least one, but probably several, criticising or mocking you regarding the first line of text in the news on the front page of the previous week’s issue where it said “William Smith and Leon Holder must of thought they had...”.

I found it hard to credit that a journal of your standing had such a poor proof-checking service that that error was not picked up before the edition went to print.

The OUP, in its comprehensive dictionary, inserts language that has become common practice rather than what was previously recognised as being the proper phraseology; I trust the Observer hasn’t decided to react similarly.

I realise that, with the low standard today of primary education, pupils seem not to be chastised for making such an error, so that should have has frequently appeared among the young as should of.

If that is now acceptable perhaps I ‘should of’ avoided writing to you on the subject!

Clive Mackie

Ashes Lodge, Netherfield