Only 16 weeks of Project Fear left

From: Barry M Jones, Bixley Lane, Beckley

Only 16 weeks of ‘Project Fear’ left

Anti-Brexiteer Stephen Hardy would have us believe (29/11/18) that no Briton was able to visit, live or work in today’s EU-27 before 1973... or will after 2019.

I’d better tell my cousin, a British dental technician living, studying and working in Germany since the 1960s heyday when foreign students freely harvested our crops, Swedish au pairs cosseted children (and errant husbands) and Commonwealth NHS workers tended our sick.

Did they suffer hardship in applying for a travel or work visa – or indeed a Briton applying for a passport? No.

The EU may well have formalised and extended its citizen’s rights to roam, but I bet Stephen carries his British passport when he visits ‘Europe’ so he can re-enter Blighty.

He conveniently forgets that our basic human rights are guaranteed by the UN Charter, the Council of Europe’s Convention on Human Rights and International treaties – all of which long pre-date his upstart EU.

Stephen would also have us believe every EU citizen working here will up-sticks and destroy the NHS (2/11/18), yet Brexit Britain is not banning EU workers.

Only 12.7 per cent of NHS staff are ‘foreign’ (7.1 per cent non-EU, 5.6 per cent EU) led by Indians, Filipinos and Irish but as the Irish have long had automatic rights to live and work here (predating EU membership), that 5.6 per cent EU realistically becomes only four per cent – a normal ‘loss’ through high staff turnover.

Chin up! Only 16 weeks of paranoid Project Fear hysteria to go!

Barry M JOnes

Bixley Lane