Over-population is global crisis

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Barry M Jones, Bixley Lane, Beckley

Scientists are by nature sceptics, routinely overturning sacrosanct hypotheses – remember the 1970s Ice Age scare? – yet Alfred McKenney naively calls sceptics ‘wilfully misinformed, dangerous climate change deniers’ (23/9/17). Oh really?

Today’s internet ‘confirmation bias’ driven evangelists seek only one-sided consensuses which support their cause, rejecting all inconvenient contrary evidence and intelligent scepticism.

To understand ‘climate change’ requires a knowledge of geology, meteorology, statistics... and politics. The IPCC’s politically corrected ‘scientific consensus’ (it’s on public record) wilfully distorts their own cautious scientific evidence!

Climates are, by definition, the average of weather patterns including naturally occurring extremes, yet paranoid global warmists herald every statistically normal inclement weather event as ‘man-made’, while inept governments routinely overrule responsible planning authorities that respect naturally occurring, statistical, 100 and 1,000 year flood risks.

The earth’s inclination to the sun (blame Archimedes!), sun-spots and drifting continental masses created today’s different climate zones (polar, torrid/equatorial and seasonal temperate, plus umpteen unique sub-zones) that determine our varying hot and cold ocean and air currents/jet-streams and... ‘climates’. Earth was formed 4.6bn years ago; its climates and magnetic fields have been naturally changing ever since.

Mankind has lived through these: Fred Flintstone’s warm periods before and after the Ice Ages, earthquakes, sub-ocean volcanic eruptions and sea-level changes.

Noah’s ancestors didn’t cause the Biblical floods, indeed historic weather records (ie: pre-1910) clearly show varying, natural weather extremes, cycles and trends... and that Arctic ice-floes naturally thaw in the autumn. Nature happens – get used to it!

However, wilful man-made environmental disasters (floods, droughts, dust-bowls, toxic products) through interfering with nature are population related (today’s exponential natural and industrial CO2/methane rises lags behind the exponential population rise). But, as the IPCC was formed to maintain economic growth ‘in the face of climate change’, economists and governments refuse to address the root cause of these man-made disasters – over-population – and will continue to concrete over (more CO2) nature’s oxygen-creating fields and forests because they demand more people (CO2, methane) to boost GDP to avoid austerity.

Over-population, Alfred, is the real major global crisis facing humanity.