Overcapacity causes log jam

I’m puzzled by our automatist politicians’ and London commuters’ inability to engage brain. Journeys are getting slower not because of the lack of ‘high speed’ technology (Amber Rudd, MP, Rye Observer 30/1/15) but because our roads, rail-track and termini have reached their designed finite capacity, causing the commuters’ self-imposed congestion. As governments have imposed ‘late running fines’, to placate irate commuters, operators have wisely added ‘buffer time’ to journeys to minimise penalties! It is as simple as that.

Commuters demand and expect high-speed roads and trains to ease their self-inflicted twice daily 90 minutes of commuting pleasure, bottle-necks and delays. Meanwhile, their elite ‘fast’ trains and motorways frustrate local ‘slow’ commuters and impose unnecessary 20mph and 30mph traffic zones in their dormitory villages, while their parked cars choke our streets and railway car-parks, 12-hrs daily, greatly inconveniencing others. Commuters made their choice. Us ‘umble mortals get an expensive Hobson’s choice!

The beneficial increased frequency of additional ‘high speed’ regional trains on the, so far, congested-free HS1 line to Paddington (plus 30mins by tube to Charing Cross?), will soon suffer as today’s 63m population grows by 7m (the size of London) by 2030. For them, our politicians will soon force on us a new rural garden city (or two) in our already over-crowded, over-congested South East... while still insisting immigration rises ‘to boost Britain’s GDP and fund future pensions’! The future for our countryside looks bleak.

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley