Parking and walls add to blighted Rye

I was surprised to read that a majority at the Town Meeting was not in favour of a Rye link-road. Anyone visiting Rye must be aware of the serious blight cast over the houses in Fishmarket Street and South Undercliff caused by the heavy goods traffic using the A259. Not only is this not good for those living along there it has resulted in eyesores such as the abandoned terrace in Fishmarket Street, the restoration of which is still not complete after years of dereliction. A minimum of two kilometres of new road is all that would be required (from Rye Harbour Road to New Road) and if as suggested by Mr Carey the link-road ran across the Marsh to the Kent Ditch it is not just Rye that would benefit. It would bypass East Guildford, both level crossings and what is arguably the most dangerous stretch of the A259.

Regarding Parking Meltdown the Citadel could be transformed by restricting traffic to residents and service traffic only and the removal all kerbs. Rye Citadel is not easily accessible to the elderly and infirm. Not only are the pavements (some with very high kerbs) in a poor state of repair but many are too narrow for wheelchairs and buggies to pass. This is less than ideal in a town much of whose income comes from tourism. A largely traffic free area combined with decent paving as is common in many historic towns on the continent would attract far greater numbers of people to the undoubted benefit of the High Street traders.

Possibly the greatest act of vandalism perpetrated on Rye in recent years has been the building of the flood defence walls along the Tillingham and Brede. Not only are the walls ugly in themselves but they cut off the view of the boats in the marina from the Strand thereby destroying the connection between boats and warehouses which is an essential part of Rye’s maritime history and what has drawn people to Rye in the past. The building of a lock and sluice at the confluence of the Brede and Rother would allow the removal of the unsightly walls and the retention of a constant water level in the marina thus restoring the visual connection between warehouses and boats.

I am aware that such projects cost money but it would be interesting to compare costs and benefits with those of the other link-road nearing completion at the opposite end of the District.

Grey Metcalf