Pavement parking also problem in Brede

Dear Sir.

Your headline article of 13 September (‘Someone is going to get killed’) highlights the continual problem caused by selfish and inconsiderate drivers who park their vehicles on that part of the highway, the pavement, which is provided for the use of pedestrians. Such behaviour is a cause of danger elsewhere than Rye where your report gives Lion Street as an example.

Both the speed and volume of traffic in areas such as the Citadel are restricted by the nature of the road layout. Elsewhere traffic which includes articulated trucks and buses, for example on both the A28 and Udimore Road through Brede and Broad Oak, where both the speed and volume are considerably higher, the danger caused by pavement parking is considerably greater.

Consequently this means that pedestrians who have to walk, push buggies and are often accompanied by young children, or are confined to wheelchairs have to venture into the road with passing traffic to get past illegally parked vehicles, and face unnecessary danger whilst doing so.

It seems anomalous that overstaying time in a parking space in Hastings will attract a substantial penalty, but elsewhere deliberately causing considerable risk to pedestrians attracts little attention from those whose duty it is to uphold the law and protect the public.

This matter has been raised with the Police at Brede Parish Council meetings over many years with little result, it is now to be hoped that your news item will raise the profile of the problem and some enforcement action will be seen to take place.

Pavements are for pedestrians not parking.

Rod Came, Crown Cottage, Brede.