Perhaps it’s time to get on your bike?

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AS YOUR paper mentioned (Battle Observer, May 4) all the trade that will be lost in Battle, as regards yellow lines on Battle Hill and the roads beyond.

People are now parking their cars in Starrs Mead, it must surely be better to use public transport to get into Battle and the surrounding villages.

Perhaps people should start using their bikes.

My brother lives in Framfield, he is a surveyor.

He cycles to Uckfield train station, then takes the train to London.

From Waterloo, he uses his bike to get into work.

I have a disability, but I am able to walk.

How nice it will be, to be able to walk down the road clear of parked traffic.

I am sure all the residents who are affected by commuter parking in Battle will at last, like me, be able to walk down the road free of parked cars.

Johnnie Elliott

Starrs Mead, Battle