Petition calls for free parking

REGARDING my letter in the Battle Observer about free car parking (February 15), I have now followed this up with posters and a petition which most of the Battle shops have not only been enthusiastic to support, but have positively encouraged shoppers to sign.

I hardly had to mention why I had come into their shop and they were off with their complaints!

Both the shopkeepers and the shoppers are angry that Rother Council have not taken the needs of local people into account, nor addressed the economic viability of this historic town regarding the parking.

So can I ask your readers, please, the next time you are in the town, pop into one of the shops with a poster in the window and sign the petition.

All we are asking for is a couple of free hours in the morning for locals to pick up a prescription, buy a loaf or a paper.

Oh, and don’t forget to pay for your parking while you do it, or you’ll be in trouble!

Tom Foy

Battle and Bexhill

UK Independence Party