Petition to ditch EU fishing policy

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Wayne Andrews, Branch chairman, UKIP Hastings and Rye

I am writing to draw the attention of your readers to a petition aimed at preventing the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy from being incorporated into UK law after we leave the EU. Government ministers have already admitted that “elements” of the CFP will remain in force.

This is not what the 55 per cent in Hastings and Rye constituency were expecting when they voted to leave the EU. Fishing is a vital industry in this constituency, and the fishing communities here and elsewhere simply want the right to make a living through reclaiming the 200-mile exclusive economic zone the UK is entitled to under international law and repatriating the 70 per cent of the total allowable catch in British waters that are currently taken by EU vessels.

After Brexit, the UK can achieve the £6.3 billion boost to the UK economy that the fishing industry is estimated to be worth, but this will not happen if the CFP is not fully abolished.

The petition can be found at and I encourage everyone who cares about our fishing community to sign it.