Planning conditions should be observed

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I WAS most impressed with the level of support illustrated on the letters page for the car wash adjacent to River Haven Hotel.

One of the problems any planning committee faces is the fact that whilst it receives a great many letters of objection to various applications, it is rare to get commendations of support.

Where certain conditions to a temporary permission have not been observed and complaints have been received, it is quite difficult for a committee to simply wave a further application through.

Personally I made the observation that the car wash was constantly busy and that there was therefore a need for the service and I am glad that the Observer quoted me on this point.

Now with the imminent closure of the Total petrol station and associated car wash, the situation has changed.

No doubt this will be taken into account when Rother District Council planners decide the application.

I would love to see this area of Rye improved, not only for visitors but also for residents and those who have made such efforts to present an attractive business frontage along Winchelsea Road.

The car wash should not detract from this and compliance with the conditions originally granted would not have done so.

Bernardine Fiddimore

Rye Town Councillor