Playden School

What a shame Sarah Owen has decided that the political needs of the Labour Party are more important than those of the Children and Staff of

Playden School.

I have been working with the school and County to see if the needs of the school can be helped, Ms Owen will know that funding the Hall didn’t meet the criteria set under the last Government when an application was made.

To say the County Council have left the school hanging in the balance is absolute nonsense, there are planning issues that are hopefully being resolved before a fully costed scheme and a different way of funding can arrived at.

I was at the school just a couple of weeks ago and the way forward seemed clear and I’m surprised by this political intervention. I will continue to support a well run thriving school but have never put politics ahead of people’s needs, perhaps Ms Owen will learn this over time.

Cllr Keith Glazier, representing Rye and Eastern Rother.