Please let’s resolve supermarket issue

IN THE matter of which supermarket is going to eventually open on the Lower School site, this appears to be a perpetual “Jam tomorrow” situation.

Far from Councillor Adam Smith “putting the fear of God into people” about road safety issues at the recent planning meeting which was well attended by the public, including myself, it seemed the principal feeling was one of resignation that yet again the town council was failing to grasp the nettle.

How much more prevarication can they come up with?

The townspeople of Rye are thoroughly fed up with this endless saga, they want a new supermarket, full stop.

All the so-called consultations have confirmed this.

It’s the business of the council to be constructive about this, instead of continually referring it to Rother.

Some years ago I used to live close to the very busy A30 in suburban Surrey, where a popular supermarket was right next to the station, and the level crossing gates were closed six times in the hour, causing no undue blockages or dangerous conditions. People learned to wait patiently, or timed their shopping approaches according to train schedules.

Here in Rye, the gates are only closed once in the hour!

Finally, just an idea, has anyone thought about an “IN” and “OUT” management scheme for the supermarket traffic?

There is plenty of land to make an exit through the eastern level crossing via the leisure centre car park.

Although the timing of the gates would remain the same, perhaps it would alleviate the congestion.

Please, please can we resolve this situation soon?

Penny Mitchell-Innes

Market Street