Politicians should fight for electorate

CLIVE Bishop is wrong on two counts (letters 14/8/11).

An MP’s primary duty is to his or her’s constituents; likewise an MP who happens to be a Minister.

There is absolutely no reason why a Minister cannot resign to fight their constituents’ cause - after all, throughout history, our most highly regarded MPs defied their Party Whip, and gained greater respect for so doing.

Clive is wrong in his conclusion that “we should separate the executive powers of Government from the MPs representing us”.

His is a recipe for an elected dictatorship against which abuse of power the British co-wrote the post-war German ‘Basic Law’ constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.

It is these which protect German citizens from the political excesses of an unelected EU Commission (to bail out their flawed Euro) and elected MEPs who swear vows of loyalty, for all time, to the absolute furtherance of the EU socio-political EU project, regardless of their citizens’ wishes.

The first step to restoring democracy is abolition of the Party Whip - a serious omission by recent AV and PR proponents!

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane