Poor postal service from Royal Mail

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I WOULD be interested to learn of other readers’ experience of Royal Mail postal deliveries in the area.

I live in Penhurst, which, though rural, is not isolated, being some ten minutes drive from Battle.

Over the past couple of years, postal deliveries have become increasingly erratic, with no deliveries to anyone in the village on some days and as late as 4.40pm on occasion. (This includes 1st class).

I recently posted a letter, correctly addressed, with post code and bearing a 1st class stamp, at the post box on the A271 at the junction of Crowders Lane/Penhurst Lane. It took six days to arrive at the destination two miles away!

I was under the impression that affixing a postage stamp to an item of mail signified a contract between the sender and Royal Mail, with specific terms understood and substantiated by law.

The Royal Mail, certainly in this area, appears not to be bound by this code.

How very sad that such an iconic institution seems to have lost it’s pride in doing it’s work well.

Edith Reavill