Positive attitude for cinema is best

As a Fletcher Director it is obvious I want the project (cinema) to succeed.

As a Rye inhabitant I think it is a wonderful asset for economic/social growth in Rye especially in the winter when many shops struggle to keep going.

As a film buff, like many other people in Rye and around, I will appreciate not to have to drive to Hawkhurst/Hastings or Ashford.

I do understand some of the planning and traffic concerns which have been voiced.

The architects and Fletcher Group have worked tirelessly to accommodate planning needs and roof line (the plans and latest model can be viewed on 4th February before the evening Town Council Meeting). In terms of the traffic problem, which is and always will be an issue for all of Rye, I would like to point out that last Saturday morning about 200 people visited the Swap Shop in St Mary’s centre, without any car problems.

Before we rescued the library site, people of all ages walked up Lion Street to the library and to the classes/exhibitions at the FE centre. As far as I am aware no traffic problems were reported then; and no, we are not planning a restaurant that needs an extractor but a café.

Some supporters ask: will it be successful and if not what will happen to the site? If the Fletcher Group were to go into this venture with a negative attitude what would be the point of working so hard to give Rye something that will be unique and a forerunner in Rother.

I am looking forward to joining in comfort, with a glass of wine, the world audience when we get transmissions into the Kino of an opera, a fantastic theatre production from the National or Ballet from the Opera House, apart from the eclectic films to be screened.

Do come and have a look at the plans on 4th Feb and ask the questions you need answered to support the project.

Heidi Foster