Post Office move is bad news

The news in the Observer of December 12th that the Battle Post Office is likely to move to Jempsons in the Market Square, is bad and sad, for a number of reasons:

Bad because:

A Supermarket has won again!

If travelling by car, each time one uses the new Post Office it will cost £1 to park, but because Jempsons can afford to refund that pound if you spend £5, many will do that, and thus not use the small shops selling equivalent items elsewhere in the town.

3. For the elderly and infirm, the walk from the car park plus an incline will be trying, especially in inclement weather. Although there are yellow-lines outside the present location, it was invariably possible (using a modicum of common sense) to park thereabouts for a short while without difficulty.

4. The empty post office plus the empty Barclays Bank, both difficult buildings to fill, will not enhance the south of the town.

But mostly sad, because our Postmaster Paul and his wife Helen have worked so hard to provide a first class service; always smiling and always helpful, but financially running to standstill.

Readers can pick up a letter from the post office counter giving more details on this almost inevitable, but unhappy solution to a modern-day economy problem.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle