Praise for my knights of the road

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank all the kind people who came to my rescue after I was stuck on the A268 last Saturday.

To the gentleman who offered some sand, the J & F Fruiterer man and the lady in the red Land Rover who tried to tow me up the hill, then kindly offered me a lift, and finally the gentleman who did manage to tow me up as far as the Memorial Hospital.

The stretch of road from Iden to the Peace and Plenty at Playden was completely free of snow having been adequately gritted the previous night. However, the same cannot be said of the state of the A268 once past the pub.

While I believe the road had been gritted, insufficient grit had been sprayed over the surface.

It was difficult driving along this stretch of road and particularly hazardous outside the Rye Memorial Hospital where my car finally got stuck.

After lots of driving back and forth I eventually made it into Rye.

Again, it looked as though the gritting lorry had overlooked Rye and my car got stuck. Yet again, on my return trip it finally refused to move more than a few inches before coming to a stop just past Deadmans Lane.


Mill Road, Rye