Prisoners receive good training - in arts

I READ that Arts Alliance commissioned a report which shows that for every £1 the government spends, (tax payers money) on criminal offenders doing arts projects there is a saving of about £4.50!

On first thoughts tax payers might say, “hang on, I didn’t send them to jail, at vast expense, to pay yet more money for them indulging in drama, music, and other arty things.”

Well, it seems that results of the study do in fact, show this.

We constantly read that people coming out of prison reoffend; actually statistics show that two in five adults reoffend within a year of release.

Clearly this is very unsatisfactory and indicates that the prison regime isn’t working as well as it should; indeed, you could say that taxpayers money is not being spent properly.

These reoffenders are costing us between £9.5bn and £13bn a year in extra police, court and prison costs so, any way we can save some of this money, has to be good.

I wonder what your readers think about pumping more money into arts projects for prisoners with the prospect that they are saving money in the longrun?

Tony Smith

Brownbread Stud