Problems with missed bin collection

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On Thursday 24th July my neighbour and I were scheduled to have our recycling collected. It wasn’t and I sent Rother DC an email. I followed this with a phone call on the Monday and was told it was on a work list and would be collected within three working days. I pointed out that is was Thursday 31st, my planned waste collection day, and that I didn’t want them collecting the black bin and leaving the green bin. I was assured this would not happen.

It did.

I emailed Rother DC on Friday 1st and tried to call them, but the phone simply kept ringing. Today (Monday 4th August) however, I did speak to a ‘customer service’ individual who told me that Rother DC had sent Kier (the ‘provider’) information about the failed collection on the 28th, but that it was waiting outcome - Rother DC code for ‘nothing’s happened yet’. More amazingly, they have no way of chasing non-collections so I, as a Council Taxpayer, have to just wait until Kier collect - presumably this Thursday (7th) with a front garden and kitchen overflowing with recycling, representing a significant H&S risk, given the rural nature of our area.

Surely this can’t be right?

Andy Godfrey

Three Oaks