Promote charities with free minutes

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SOME of your readers may like to get involved with what is called, “microvolunteering”.

Basically this means doing a bit of charity work in the odd minutes in which we all find ourselves during the day.

Many of us are on mobile phone contracts where the number of free minutes available are never used and these free minutes, in tandem with a person’s free minutes could provide a small, but significant ‘leg-up’ for a charity.

Take the few moments we are waiting at a bus stop or waiting for a train or waiting in a cafe for our order or simply lounging on the beach; a short, free call to promote, say, a charity’s forthcoming event or lobby a sponsor could make all the difference to fund-raising for the charity of choice.

Why give the mobile phone company those spare minutes when they could otherwise be helping those animals and people in unfortunate circumstances?

Tony Smith


Brownbread Horse Rescue