Protesters are clutching at straws

Absolutely wonderful! Having mulled over the astonishing imagining of Mr Barry M Jones last issue (Is that the real Barry M Jones?) there has clearly been something added to the water of Beckley that has landed on his brain! Are we now clutching at straws to stop the Link Road?

How on earth does one respond to the contrasting assertions which prove that Mr Jones is well out to sea? From the beginning of time, the creation of trading routes through then impossible terrains and oceans - the Chinese silk trails, the roads of the Roman empire, the great sea routes that developed so much of the British wealth and capability of today – those are all the basis of competitive trading. Mr Jones is so clearly under a deep and unfortunate delusion, one which would make every trader and economist shudder in disbelief. We may not like it but the A259 is the only current life line being offered for the Hastings/Bexhill populations to support them and local trading.

The Letter from Mr Norman Beck of Crowhurst in the previous issue of the Observer begs the question, why the need to have conversation or contact with the Coombe Haven “Defenders” who are attempting to defend the indefensible? Simply dwell on the facts. The Bexhill Link Road has been planned for years to help develop the local economy and provide relief to immediate neighbours and cut congestion costs. The planning process has been entirely according to democratically approved law, with public inquiry and judicial review - all confirming the rightness of the case. The point has been well made by the protesters that they do not agree the Road. The taking of a full colour page by the Hastings Alliance in the Observer may have swayed some minds but with so many half truths and outright mis-statements the protesters really are clutching at straws. And can you imagine the furore if the M27 was rightly extended across East Sussex to Dover?

However, why should anyone feel sorry for the mostly migrant protesters and even locals who have to brave the rigours of the weather? The fact is we do not. There is one great asset bought over the years in our freedom. We have choice. If the protesters wish to cause themselves personal discomfort, that is their decision. What they have no right to do is to impose their highly suspect actions either on the majority or on those attempting to carry out the wishes of that majority - to build the Bexhill Relief Road after proper process was completed. It is time they all went home.

Richard Tilden Smith, c/o 2 Church Cottages, Mountfield