Public money was wasted on case

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FOLLOWING the legal farce regarding Councillor Carl Maynard and his MOT, which has been running since September 1 2011, I have taken the precaution of checking online the status of my own MOT, at and can assure the Chief Constable and the CPS that it is in order.

I do this, that in the event of being stopped by the police, it does not take the best part of six months, and several court appearances, for them to access the information regarding my MOT, available to me in a few seconds.

The term “insufficient evidence”, as reported in the paper, strikes me as a curious term to use in a case where the “evidence” is surely black or white, either the MOT exists, or it does not, a fact readily established as I have proved in my own research.

I do not suppose we will be enlightened by the police or lawyers as to the reasons behind this waste of public money, nor do I suppose any police officer will be charged with wasting his own time.

I presume that Cllr Maynard will now sue those responsible for his embarrassment and expense, or at the least obtain an apology from them.

If this episode can be visited on a prominent figure in the county it could happen to any of us, or could it?


Hawkhurst Way, Bexhill-on-Sea