Pumpkin thief upsets family

This is addressed to the low life parasite who felt they could enter my garden between the hours of 1 and 5am on the 2nd November and steal the large pumpkin that my daughter had helped carve for Halloween.

Do you not realise that you have invaded our private space and also upset my daughter who loves to get involved in our family traditions you don’t think

what affect your despicable actions can have on law abiding hard working people with family values.

This was also a pumpkin I had spent a considerable amount of time growing on our allotment.

If anyone happened to be walking down South Undercliff, Rye, at those times or driving past and happened to see anyone struggling with a very large pumpkin I would be grateful if you could contact me via the newspaper.

On a lighter note in one way you did me a favour as you saved me the effort of having to dispose of it as Halloween had passed and it was due to be disposed of.

I just hope you are proud of yourself and I truly hope the police can identify you as I would love to speak to you.

Name and address supplied. Rye.